Magency – The Oriental Dance Entrance Routine DVD

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Magency – The Oriental Dance Entrance Routine DVD


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Magency: The Oriental Dance Entrance Routine – Rhythms, Technique, Choreography, with Shahrzad

Magency is the Oriental Dance entrance piece that showcases a dancer’s skill and signature style using an array of iconic Arabic rhythms and a powerful melodic line. It features a variety of belly dance styles, from modern Oriental dance with its dynamic turns and step combinations to folk dance vignettes and lyrical soulful improvisation.

Working with the four classic rhythms most commonly used in magency – malfouf, maksoum, samai and saidi, Shahrzad teaches moves, combinations and choreography for each rhythm with the focus on capturing the authentic feeling of Egyptian dance, whose texture echoes cultural motifs and moods historically associated with each of these rhythms.

Each section opens with the introduction for each rhythm by percussionist Marshall Bodiker. He breaks down the structure of each rhythm, adresses its origins, and demonstrates typical speed for each rhythm as used in a magency. Shahrzad teaches Technique, Combinations and Choreography sections for each rhythm, and once all choreographic sections are completed, she puts them into a beautiful magency choreography perfect for practice and performance.
Length: 120 minutes

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