Iconic Rhythms of Egypt with Marshall

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Iconic Rhythms of Egypt with Marshall


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This CD includes several iconic rhythms of Egypt and two original tabla solos performed by percussionist Marshall Bodiker. All rhythm tracks are listed with their time signature and are counted out on the tabla. Some rhythms appear more than once, demonstrating how differences in speed and accents can change the sound and feeling of the rhythm. Enjoy all this CD has to offer, whether you are a drummer, dancer, or both!
1. Classic Maqsoum 4/4
2. Fast Maqsoum 4/4
3. Modern Maqsoum 4/4
4. Sa’idi 4/4
5. Masmoudi (Baladi) 4/4
6. Masmoudi Kbir 8/4
7. Sombati 4/4
8. Malfouf 2/4
9. Malfouf with Accents 2/8
10. Falahi 2/4
11. Karachi 2/4
12. Wahda 4/4
13. Samai 10/8
14. Ayoub 2/4
15. Solo Sokhna (Drum Solo)
16. Magic Hips (Drum Solo)

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