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Cairo is famed in the Middle East for its booming entertainment industry and nightlife. The cabaret is a style of[…]

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Cairo Cabaret USB


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Cairo is famed in the Middle East for its booming entertainment industry and nightlife. The cabaret is a style of nightclub that has been an iconic fixture of the Cairo nightlife scene starting from around the 1920’s. The clubs have evolved over the years but have always featured non-stop dance and music shows lasting until morning. ‘Cairo Cabaret’ features a variety of Egyptian songs that one might hear during the course of a dance show including classic shaabi, tarab, mawal, baladi and tabla. The music was recorded in “live session” with the talented and dedicated members of Shahrzad’s band in Cairo, Egypt. The USB includes 7 songs, a 2-part tabla solo, translations of the lyrics, a song list, and information about the album.
1. Adini Albak
2. Ya Khalil Il Alb
3. Il Awazel
4. Wa Hayatak Ya Habibi
5. Walla W Laib Il Hawa
6. Layalina
7. Cocktail Mawal and Shaabi
8. Tabla Baladi Part 1
9. Tabla Baladi Part 2

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