Belly Dance Delight: Exotic Music of the Middle East (Various Artists)

Immerse yourself in the lush sounds and exotic moods of the Arab world. Belly Dance Delight is a soulful collection[…]

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Belly Dance Delight: Exotic Music of the Middle East (Various Artists)


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Immerse yourself in the lush sounds and exotic moods of the Arab world. Belly Dance Delight is a soulful collection of authentic melodies and rhythms from Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria. Enjoy the warm rich tones of the oud, kanoun, doumbek, nay, violin, buzuk, and mizmar performed by some of the finest musicians in the Middle East. Belly Dance Delight is your passport to the sensual world of belly dance.
Also available on Vinyl.
Produced by Mher Panossian.
Cover Dancer: Shahrzad
1 Aziza 3:19 Salatin Al Tarab Orchestra
2 Takasim Wa Angham 3:10 Ibrahim Hassan
3 Akhir Al Leil 4:12 Mosavo
4 Marret Al Ghazal 2:57 Damascus Trio
5 Fog Al Nakhel 3:14 Andelus Ensemble
6 Talaat Ya Mahla Nourha 1:45 Mohamed Ali Ensemble
7 Al Hawa 2:51 Sami Nossair Orchestra
8 Raks Andalusiyya 3:25 Damascus Trio
9 Arouh Li Min 3:36 Mohamed Al Arabi Ensemble
10 Rakkesni Ya Said 3:17 Said El Artist
11 Kanoun Bayati 3:35 Cairo Orchestra
12 Shatti Ya Dunya 2:26 Salatin Al Tarab Orchestra
13 Balady Mahboob 2:37 Upper Egypt Ensemble
14 Ya Shadil Al Han 2:51 Jalal Joubi and Ensemble

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