Custom Costumes by Dinah


Dinah has been a professional seamstress for over 30 years. Her career has been extremely diverse including work in bridal gowns, interior design, and even fantasy and cosplay costumes. She discovered the belly dance world in 2001 and as she started performing in student recitals she started making her own costumes. She was quickly approached by other dancers for commissions. Year after year as her interest in dance and costuming grew so did the demand for her work. Since starting her business she has traveled to Egypt several times to learn from and work with some of the top belly dance costume designers. Dinah has become an excellent maker of top quality professional costumes and her designs can be regularly seen touring the world on well known dancers and is the main costumer of Shahrzad. Dinah specializes in made to measure costume designs in many styles including Oriental, Folkloric, Fusion, and Samba. She strives to enhance each dancers unique beauty and to bring audiences to a greater appreciation of the richness and power of dance while staying true to the cultures from which it comes. She is also a designer for much of Shahrzad’s merchandise and collaborates with her to create fun and comfortable dance wear for practice and performance.

Custom Design Orders

For Dinah’s made to order costumes, the design process begins with an inspiration: a color, theme, unique fabric, or decorative piece. After the initial consultation with the dancer, a sketch is made and submitted to the dancer along with fabric samples for approval. Once the design is finalized and the payment is made it takes 4-6 weeks for the costume to be completed. Dinah is available for in person consultations and fittings at her studio in Wilmington, Delaware.


Costumes range in price from $425-$1500 depending on the complexity of the design and price of materials.

Want to order a costume?

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